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Eva Stone

With their unique contrast and combinations of sterling silver and galvanic gilding, as well as oxidation, and natural diamonds and gem stones, Eva Stone Jewelry is both distinctively aesthetic in form, and full of fantasy!

Each piece of Eva Stone Jewelry is lovingly created with a fashion foreword purpose as their designers are busy following the exciting world of art and business, as well as the hottest trends to don the worlds most famous catwalks and magazines to bring you the most current and sought after materials and designs from all over the globe.

The creators of Eva Stone Jewelry believe "true beauty comes from that which severs nothing, yet impresses and makes one happy simply with it's being", they believe jewelry is the epitome of true beauty and we could not agree more!


Zigras, Arkansas Quartz

It is a widely held belief that no other gemstone can compare to the perfection of a diamond, therefore, it's no wonder that diamonds have been fueling the imagination of man for millennia. That is until now.


When you witness firsthand the exceptional quality and affordability of the Zigras, Arkansas Quartz Crystal your imagination will undoubtedly take flight, you will begin to dream of all of the ways this ethically sourced, natural wonder, could make it's way into your life.

Jewelry that once seemed out of reach is now affordably within your grasp without sacrificing the look and feel you've come to expect from diamonds.


Mona Lisa Turquoise

When you think turquoise chances are you think Santa Fe, New Mexico, or some other desert locale. However, it might surprise you to learn that this blue green beauty has been found right here in Arkansas. In fact, not only has turquoise been found here, it's the only place outside of the western United States that can boast gem quality turquoise!

The Mona Lisa Mine in Gillham, Arkansas is where the magic is happening, and we have a direct line into the process that allows us to create stunning, one of a kind jewelry fresh from the mine, as well as offer direct

"Mine to Market" gem stones to fellow leaders in the industry.

Explore our wide variety of Mona Lisa Turquoise and create something that's truly unique and distinctly Arkansas!

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